Toss the Turtle Game Review

Online flash games love brutality to random animals; this may seem a bit harsh, but as long as nothing like this happens in the real world, then it is something I can live with! As you may have guessed from the title, it is time for the turtle to be battered and bruised in an online distance game.

This is a distance game, but it is not just another distance game, this is because it offers a lot of distinctive features that other games of this genre have not added. Let’s take a look to see why this game differs with others.

Your goal is to aim your cannon with your mouse and fire your turtle into the air, just get the right amount of distance and let go at the right time, and then use the [w] [a] [s] [d] controls to guide your turtle along as far as possible.

Depending on a variety of factors you are given money to spend on items. However, unlike other games these maps conjure up an array of obstacles, this is where the excitement comes in, as the most powerful shot can go an unusually short distance and your mistimed shot can go for miles and miles.

To start, you have your essential items, including a cannon and a slingshot. The slingshot can be used up to three times to keep your turtle up in the air; this should be used primarily to avoid obstacles on the ground.

It is not always clear which items you should look to hit or avoid, so here is a small breakdown:

Money bags: Distributed at random points and one item you want to hit, as they give you money.

Bombs: If you hit a bomb at speed it will boost you a mile, however, if you hit the bomb at a slow speed it usually just throws you back up into the air.

Man with chainsaw: There are not many occasions when you want to meet a man with a chainsaw but this is one of them. This is one of the better obstacles to hit.

Like other games you should use your money effectively to buy the right items, these items propel you farther along the map (if you use them correctly.) You can buy from a selection of jet packs, rockets, cannons, nuclear bombs and even a tank.

You can also choose to purchase a range of guns which act as a replacement to your original slingshot; this is another way to keep yourself airborne.

It has got to the point where you have every item you can buy, and you have gotten yourself as far as you think you are going to go, so is this game over? Well, not really, there are also 40 medals up for grabs; you should use these as a scale to see how well you are progressing.

Hints and tips

• After being shot out the cannon hold down the D key to gain a greater distance, also remember you can use your other directional keys to gather items along the way.

Distance games are a dime a dozen, on the other hand, toss the turtle has thought of many different ideas to make sure it stands out from the crowd and in my opinion it is a job well done.

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